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Snowshoe Taylor Creek

The trail loop that connects Taylor Creek to Fallen Leaf Lake in South Lake Tahoe, CA is about a 3.7 mile round-trip hike, and in the winter snowshoes are a must. You can park at the Taylor Creek Sno-Park parking lot, but it requires a SNO-PARK permit. We started in the late afternoon and were able to reach the lake as the sun was starting to set, creating a beautiful scene for our destination.

The trail starts out right next to Taylor Creek, which is a beautiful sight running in the middle of the snowpack. The destination of this hike is Fallen Leaf Lake, which is a beautiful sight in the winter. We made it back to the car right after sunset just as it got dark. Perfect timing!

Here is the exact location for the trail:

Taylor Creek Snowshoe Trail

Taylor Creek Snow Taylor Creek Snow

Taylor Creek Snowshoe Toddler

Taylor Creek Snow

Taylor Creek Snowshoe

Fallen Leaf Lake Snow


For our Taylor Creek snowshoeing adventure, we used the following gear.


Atlas Treeline (for him) and Elektra (for her)

Atlas Snowshoes

*We couldn’t find the snowshoe model rented to our toddler online, but here is a toddler snowshoe set with high reviews.

Toddler Backpack Carrier

Osprey Poco AG Plus

Osprey Poco Plus Backpack

We use our Osprey Poco AG Plus toddler carrier anywhere we go outdoors, including snowshoe hikes. We let her have fun until she is tired, and then this handy backpack takes over! Definitely recommend it to anyone with small children exploring the outdoors.


Snowshoeing is mostly a leisurely winter sport, so I wouldn’t recommend very light clothing. You may get cold easily while snowshoeing, so we recommend the following outerwear guidelines:

Helly Hansen Warm Shirt and Pant

HH warm shirt     HH warm pant

They come in sizes for men, women and even toddlers!

We each have a pair and love them.

This base layer will keep you warm while you are outside on the coldest winter days.





Toddler Sorel Boot

Sorel Boot Pink

Our daughter lives in these boots during the winter months. They are compatible with toddler snowshoes, as they strap right in. They are very warm and rated for up to -40 F! Waterproof too.

The North Face Oso Onesie

North Face Oso Onesie

Just like we said our daughter lives in her Sorel boots in the winter, this oso onesie is also a must have. It only goes up to size 24 months, but a definite must for any child 24 months and younger! Our favorite feature is the arms and legs that turn into gloves and socks.

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